Who We Are

We are Chris Joyce and Kenny Venere, a former CI-Student pair who met because we like to write (somewhat coherent) words on the internet about physiotherapy. With this in mind, a collaborative blog was the logical next step for us to take.

Here you will find a blend of scientific, clinical and patient-friendly content. Each post represents the ever evolving viewpoint of the author (so we have a convenient excuse when we are inevitably dead wrong. We are always learning, after all). The goal of this blog is to start conversations, to bring together similar and dissimilar opinions, and to learn something new.



I’m a perpetually curious (read: indecisive) physical therapist and educator. Primarily I teach at a local college but I also maintain a consistent practice in a busy orthopedic clinic. When I’m not busy doubting myself you can usually find me on the move, either trying to exercise or trying to refine my next/first breakthrough dance move. My goal for this blog is selfish, but not completely; I want to learn more. I hope that along the way our blog will stimulate conversation and debate, and maybe even challenge the status quo at times to provoke thoughtful ideas and meaningful changes in our practice. Additionally, I aim to empower patients and readers with knowledge during their journey towards health and happiness. In both of my professional roles my philosophy is the same: do more with less. Succinct writing and actionable concepts will foster progressive movements in my life and yours. Thank you for visiting our site

It is necessary to state that any and all ideas, statements and opinions solely reflect myself and do not represent the institution, staff or programs at Bay State College nor Sports and Physical Therapy Associates



I am a home health physical therapist who likes raw denim, coffee, Cormac McCarthy and the New England Patriots. When forced to have more academic pursuits, my main interests are evidence based practice and scientific literacy.

One thought on “Who We Are

  1. Hello
    I do enjoy you website and its ability to stimulate discussion. I have been following a discussion based on a debate regarding the use of NDT / Bobath and wonder if you would be interested in a resultant blog led by Prof. Sarah Tyson. She has recently produced a series that discuss the evidence or lack of evidence for NDT and options for the future.
    They are available at :- https://sarahtphysioblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/does-bobath-work/

    This links into one of the blogs and you can then navigate from there.

    I hope you find the blogs interesting
    Many thanks

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